Song of Lorelei Ebook Preorder Now Live

It’s hard to believe that after the two-year wait for Called to the Deep, I already get to announce that the ebook preorder for Song of Lorelei is live!

In this concluding sequel, you can expect higher stakes, heightened emotions & heat, and of course more scary merfolk action.

Song of Lorelei releases from City Owl Press January 17, 2023.

Follow link for summary and content warnings.

Preorder Goodies?


Yes, save your receipts! Or better yet, email a screenshot to me at along with your preferred mailing address. I’m currently working with an artist to create new character art of Lorelei and Killian. It’s not finished yet, but once it is, those who preorder the ebook will be eligible to receive the art print.


There will not be a paperback preorder, but you can purchase the book on release day from Amazon. It can take up to a couple weeks for it get through Ingram’s review process (where retailers and libraries buy books), but after that, it will start populating to other retailers like BAM!, Powell’s, IndieBound,, etc.

I’ll also reach out to The Ripped Bodice and Meet Cute bookstores to get the title listed in their catalogs.


Once Song of Lorelei gets through Ingram’s review process, you can submit a purchase request to your library. Email a screenshot to me, along with your preferred mailing address, and I’ll send you the new character art once it’s ready.


Signed copies will be made available through my Etsy store BooksByDesiree as soon as I have the books in stock (I’m estimating by end of January). I tend to stuff orders with goodies when I have them, so if you’re not an ebook reader, you just might find the new art print inside *wink*.

She Wore Black Podcast Guest Appearance

Ahoy! Podcast episode featuring Called to the Deep!

This was my third time coming onto She Wore Black Podcast as a guest, and I always have the best time chatting with Agatha about all that is both spooky and swoony.

Dangerous Waters: Deadly Women of the Sea Anthology Coming Soon

Next month is going to be a big one for seafolk and myself. Not only is Song of Lorelei releasing, but my short story debut is too!

I haven’t been shy about sharing the news on my socials, but if you missed them (cursed algorithms), my short story “Meat Cute” will be published in Brigids Gate Press’s Dangerous Waters: Deadly Women of the Sea anthology, which is expected to release January 2023.

Behold the cover!

Gothic Romance Anthology Forthcoming

A second short story of mine, “The Feast of Dead Man’s Hollow,” was just accepted for publication in another Brigids Gate Press anthology! Release date TBA. 

What happens in the bog stays in the bog.

Next Monster Romance

It’s been a hectic but very good year, which is why it’s taking me so long to finish my next monster/horror romance – title TBA – (I started writing it in November 2021). If you enjoyed the viciousness and heat of Given to the Ghoul, this upcoming book might be your cup of tea.

Some teasers: it’s set in The Black Forest during Yuletide, so think wintery, forested mountains and nods to German folklore. Plenty of Grimms’ Tale vibes and main characters who are unapologetically vicious when provoked; I fondly think of Astrid as a modern and sometimes murderous Elsa (don’t hurt her friends or her goats). And her lover is a creature of my own making, but his appearance is inspired by Cernunnos, Leshy, and the Mari Lwyd hobby horse.

This project has also been my way to reconnect with family traditions and learn more about my roots.

Status: It’s currently in the hands of beta readers and undergoing revisions; my agent and I hope to get it ready and out on submission in 2023. 

That’s all for now!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year.