Given to the Ghoul

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Cover Title: Given to the Ghoul
Tagline: He did not come for her blood.
Image: Close up of creature's face, glowing eye peeking out beneath hood.

They sent her into the desert to be sacrificed. To die upon the sweeping hot sands, torn limb from limb by ghoulish tooth and claw. Devoured.

Appease the monsters, and they’ll leave the town alone. Isn’t that how it always went?

One had come to devour her. But not like they said in the stories. It wasn’t blood it spilt. That’s not what it wanted.

Oh, how the townspeople would clutch their pearls, if they knew the truth.

GIVEN TO THE GHOUL is an approximately 15,000-word romance short story written from a single POV with a modern setting in the Sonoran Desert. It features shapeshifting desert ghouls, mutual seduction, a monster lover that will “eat your enemies,” and a main character who wants the true monster face beneath the human mask. It has an explicit, high heat level and a HEA ending.