The Feast of Dead Man’s Hollow

“The Feast of Dead Man’s Hollow” is a boggy romance short story in Crimson Bones, a Brigids Gate Press’s gothic anthology. Available for purchase.

Content warnings below.

A mysterious horsewoman rescues a man from drowning in a bog when his attempt to sabotage a commercial development project goes wrong.

Plot teasers:

-Sabotaging a bog draining project

-Mysterious horsewoman

-Clumsy, cinnamon roll of a man

-One hot spring

-Foggy glasses

-Murderous mayhem

-What happens in the bog stays in the bog

Content Warnings

This short story contains sexual content. It is not intended for anyone under the legal age of adulthood. All characters depicted in sexual situations are over 18 years of age.

Some content within this story may be triggering or disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised. Content includes but is not limited to:

Blood, death, distress/grief, life threatening situations, near drowning, attempted murder, murder. But no graphic descriptions.

Please read with care.