Meat Cute

MEAT CUTE is a sapphic monster romance short story starring a lady kraken and deep sea mermaid with eco-horror themes. Publishing details TBD.

Content warnings below.

Lady Leviathan awakens from a centuries long slumber, and the ocean, her home, has become a living nightmare.

Plot teasers:
-Deep sea mermaid
-Lady kraken
-Ghost net
-Wound tending
-Shipwrecking mood
-Is it snack time?

The names of these dangerous ladies of the sea:
Lady Leviathan + Ianthe 

Author’s attempt to draw Ianthe:

Content Warnings

Some content within this story may be triggering or disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised. Content includes but is not limited to:

Blood, animal death (bycatch caught in ghost nets), distress/grief, wound tending, monsters eating people. But no graphic descriptions.

Please read with care.