Willow and the Wellspring

WILLOW AND THE WELLSPRING by Desirée M. Niccoli is an adult villain fantasy romance (now on submission). It explores villainy in different formstyranny, oppression, a mother’s neglect, an anti-hero’s violencebut also the possibility of healing and a redemption that doesn’t end in death.

Content warnings below.

When the need to pay off the debt for her prosthetic leg drives elven huntress Vivian to dire tactics, she finds herself in the arms of a charming and mysterious stranger who makes her feel seen in ways she’s never known. But her blissful night quickly turns to nightmare when a fugitive running from the Warlock Prince entrusts her with delivering the last known rheastone—the only way back to the elven homeland—to its Queen.

The Warlock Prince is close to finally having the last remaining rheastone in his grasp, the magical artifact that will lead him to the elven realm and the Wellspring, the source of all magic. That is, until he learns the enchanting elven huntress he’s suddenly falling for has run off with it. For years, the Warlock Prince has been stuck in the human realm, enforcing its laws with a fiery fist and failing to find his way out. He will not let this final chance go up in a puff of smoke.

Pulled between their duties and their hearts, both the Warlock Prince and Vivian find themselves on opposing sides. On one, the humans and their Necromancer King—rulers of an entire generation of elven kind given as war restitution; on the other side, the elves who want only to see their children free and living in peace, returned to their magical roots. But the Warlock Prince has secrets binding him to both worlds and his only escape is harnessing the power of the Wellspring.

With the Warlock Prince hot on her heels, Vivian is determined to thwart his every move. If she’s not swift, he will ensnare all magic—and her heart.

Story elements:

  • Enemies-to-lovers trope twist 
  • Elemental magic as a resource
  • Post-war setting
  • A healing HEA  
  • Y e a r n i n g  

Content Warnings

This book contains sexual content. It is not intended for anyone under the legal age of adulthood. All characters depicted in sexual situations herein are over 18 years of age. Some content within this book may be triggering or disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised. Other content within this book, includes, but is not limited to:

blood, body horror, violence, death, oppression/tyranny/racism (between elves and humans), indentured servitude, war restitution, references to amputation and the healing process (past), child neglect and abuse (past), mentions of genocide (past, not on page), swearing

Please read with care.