Willow and the Wellspring

WILLOW AND THE WELLSPRING by Desirée M. Niccoli is an adult villain fantasy romance (undergoing developmental edits, prepping for submission).

Vivian, an indentured huntress, breaks off the iron collar that binds her to servitude and flees to the Elven Realm with a magical artifact. If she isn’t swift, the Warlock Prince could ensnare it, along with the source of all magic—and her heart.

W&W explores villainy in different formstyranny, oppression, a mother’s neglect, an anti-hero’s violencebut also the possibility of healing and a redemption that doesn’t end in death.


  • Enemies-to-lovers trope twist 
  • Elemental magic as a resource
  • Post-war setting
  • A healing HEA  
  • Y e a r n i n g  
  • A huntress as the main character & amputee rep
  • A villain love interest  
  • And a redemption arc that doesn’t end in death

Main characters = VIVIAN + THE WARLOCK PRINCE.