Song of Lorelei Cover Reveal

Feast your eyes!

I’ve been wanting a sensual clinch cover since Book 1, but I’m so glad we decided to save it until Song of Lorelei because LOOK.

Love is something that builds and evolves, so for the second half of Lorelei and Killian’s story, I wanted a cover that showed that they’ve continued to grow into theirs. 

The “honeymoon phase” is great. I love to read it, I love to write it, but its been such a special treat to continue exploring these two lovebirds’ story, and what comes after. Established, maturing relationships are H-O-T, too.

Song of Lorelei releases from City Owl Press January 17, 2023. See book page for summary and content warnings.

Where Can I Pre-Order?

I’ve learned some lessons since debuting Called to the Deep. I’m expecting Song of Lorelei’s ebook will be available for pre-order about a month before release. I’ll let you know as soon as it goes live.

There won’t be a paperback preorder, but paperbacks will be available for purchase from Amazon on the day of release. It can take up to a couple weeks for it get through Ingram’s review process (where retailers and libraries buy books), but after that, it will start populating to other retailers like BAM!, Powell’s, IndieBound,, etc. 

I’ll also reach out to The Ripped Bodice and Meet Cute bookstores to have the title listed in their catalogs.

Signed Copies

These will be made available through my Etsy store BooksByDesiree! I’m expecting stock by the end of January, so I’ll make that purchase option available then. But don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it goes live.

Should I read Called to the Deep first?

Yes! You’ll be lost if you don’t. 

If you’ve already read Called to the Deep, you’ll know I left some plot threads untied, particularly at the end. That was intentional. We’re going to explore those *things* a lot more in Song of Lorelei. Get ready!