A Bookish #MerMay Treat is Coming Soon

Happy #MerMay! The celebration of all things merfolk and sea creaturey. All month long, artists and creators will be sharing themed content on their socials, and I have a little something of my own to throw into this festive, creative abyss.

That is, some news, including details about an upcoming MerMay treat to celebrate the release of my novel debut CALLED TO THE DEEP this fall.

THE NEWS – Editorial work on CALLED TO THE DEEP begins this week. The ball is finally rolling!!!

THE TREAT – This time last year, my publisher gave me their blessing to share an exclusive sneak peek of CTTD’s FIRST unedited chapter with email subscribers, but this year…

I’ve been granted permission to share with subscribers both CHAPTERS ONE and TWO. It will go out early in the morning Thursday, May 26, which also happens to be my birthday 🙂

It’s my gift to those who’ve waited so patiently for the book I’ve been babbling about for the past two years.

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