Swipe Right for Vicious Mermaids & Other 2022 Debuts <3

A lovely blog post by Nick from The Infinite Limits of Love that features #22debuts book couples just dropped today – SWIPE RIGHT: A Valentine’s Week Celebration! <3 Check out all the fabulous dating profiles, including Lorelei + Killian’s from my novel debut CALLED TO THE DEEP!

Killian Quinn, 38

Offshore Fishing Captain

Lives in Haven Cove, Maine

Shoreside hobbies include making driftwood furniture and baking. Can be convinced to do karaoke on a night out. Would like to see more scary mermaids in movies.

Lorelei Roth, 28

Exhibit Designer

Lives in Haven Cove, Maine

Transplant from Lake Superior, MI. Sailing student + maritime history aficionado. Museum dates are hot. Probably a people-eating mermaid, so no dick pics ;*

Whether you celebrate platonic or romantic love, Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

All my love.