Diving Back into Vicious Mermaid Romance

Book update 📚: The start date for publisher edits on CALLED TO THE DEEP (my adult paranormal romance ft. people-eating mermaids) was pushed to this summer. They were supposed to begin in March, but don’t worry. The projected release date for CTTD is still fall 2022, so there’s plenty of wiggle room. And from what I hear from writer friends, delays are pretty run-of-the-mill in the publishing industry.

In the meantime, my agent and I will work on line edits together to tighten up the language in the manuscript. Hopefully that will lighten up the editing workload down the line, and we can keep this book release on track!

I am so excited to dive back into the coastal Maine setting of CALLED TO THE DEEP and hang out with the main characters Lorelei + Killian and the rest of the book crew. I miss the story, I miss the characters, I miss the romance, and the murderous mermaids. It’s gonna be a breath of fresh sea air.

Wow, I just realized I haven’t read CTTD since August…

While I love WILLOW AND THE WELLSPRING, the villain fantasy romance I’ve been working on nonstop since November, I’m just about ready to punt it somewhere far, far away from me.

Lol. No really, I do love it. And my agent’s notes for developmental edits were fantastic and really, really helpful. I’ve just been staring at W&W a bunch lately.

Anyways, that’s it for updates!

Wishing you lots of love,



P.S. I had to look up how to spell “vicious” like ten times. It’s one of those words I can never remember how to spell. It always looks wrong. One of these days, I’m going to write “viscous mermaids,” and I apologize for that in advance.

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