Willow and the Wellspring, New Villain Fantasy Romance

I recently finished editing my new book project WILLOW AND THE WELLSPRING. W&W is a villain fantasy romance that has:

  • An enemies-to-lovers trope twist
  • Elemental magic as a resource
  • Post-war setting
  • A healing HEA  
  • Y e a r n i n g  
  • A huntress as the main character & amputee rep
  • A villain love interest  
  • And a redemption arc that doesn’t end in death

Main characters = VIVIAN + THE WARLOCK PRINCE.

I am quite pleased with how these character mood boards turned out (images below), which authors sometimes use to promote their books and give potential readers a sense of the story’s vibe. Finding the right stock images is kinda hard.

I churned out WILLOW AND THE WELLSPRING faster than I have ever written a book before. From conception to first draft, I wrote it in two and a half weeks in January. Those first words just poured out of me.

It’s come a long way since then. I initially intended it to be a novella; the first draft was around 24K words. Now it’s 63K. While I’ve spent most of this year fighting my way through edits, I have NEVER written the first draft of a book in less than a year. Let alone finalized it. Now it is in the hands of my agent (still so cool and weird and totally surreal to say that) and wow. Just wow. I never knew I had this book in me. It completely took me by surprise.

Huge shout outs to my critique partners and beta readers: Kyle, Alex, Katie, Laura, Stacia-Fe, Lizzie, Vicky, and Mom 😉 Yinz are the best bunch of manuscript heroes, and I am so grateful to have you in my life.

And thank YOU so much for your support! I can’t wait for you to read it.



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