Coming in 2022: Called to the Deep, Published by City Owl Press

Heyyy, guess what’s industry official? I am SO pleased to announce that CALLED TO THE DEEP, my debut adult paranormal romance featuring people-eating sirens and a sexy sea captain, is going to be published by City Owl Press! Lorelei Roth and Captain Killian Quinn, coming to you in 2022!

The announcement in Publisher’s Marketplace:

WOW. This is really real. My book baby is gonna be published! [It’s literally a book baby, I started querying in January this year].

Q: What Inspired Called to the Deep?

The professional answer: I wanted to write a paranormal romance that breaks the vampires/werewolves mold and features a heroine “monster” [insert speculative fiction gibberish]. The book was also heavily inspired by my time living in Maine and a fabulous day-sail on the U.S.S. Niagara in Erie, PA.

The real answer: *reader beware, we are taking a hard right turn into Thirst Town* I just needed to write about a scary people-eating siren and a sexy sea captain banging on a boat.

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