It’s Song of Lorelei Release Day!

With Song of Lorelei, we bring the Haven Cove Duology to a close.

This was my first series (albeit a very short one), and my first book written under contract, and wow, all I can say is I hope it’s a worthy conclusion to the story that started with Called to the Deep. I’m going to miss Lorelei and Killian and their heartwarming, sometimes ridiculous tight-knit crew.

While the Haven Cove Duology is finished, I hope you stick around for other works I’ve got coming down the pipeline. You can expect from me more monstery leads, vicious romance, and eco-horror.

*Song of Lorelei can be bought in ebook and paperback formats. Keep scrolling for details on signed copies and preorder goodies.*

Haven’t read Called to the Deep yet? The ebook is on sale for the next two weeks at $0.99!


EBOOK (Yes goodies)
Yes, if you haven’t already, please send your receipts to me at along with your preferred mailing address. New character art of Lorelei and Killian coming soon – just finalizing details with the artist. Those who preordered the ebook will be eligible to receive the art print.

PAPERBACKS (No goodies)
There was not a paperback preorder, but you can now purchase the book from Amazon.

Don’t want to buy from Amazon? It can take up to a couple weeks for a title to get through Ingram’s review process (where retailers and libraries buy books), but after that, it will start populating to other retailers like BAM!, Powell’s, IndieBound,, etc.

I’ll also reach out to The Ripped Bodice and Meet Cute bookstores to get the title listed in their catalogs.

My Etsy store is another option (see below).

Once Song of Lorelei gets through Ingram’s review process, you can submit a purchase request to your library. Email a screenshot to me, along with your preferred mailing address, and I’ll send you the new character art once it’s ready.

SIGNED COPIES (wink goodies)
Signed copies will be made available through my Etsy store BooksByDesiree as soon as I have the printed books in stock (I’m estimating by end of January). I tend to stuff orders with goodies when I have them, so if you’re not an ebook reader, you just might find the new art print inside!



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