Release Month Highlights

Buying Local, Buying Indie, Book Signings & More

Tis the season to read all things spooky and paranormal, so I’m thrilled to share that Called to the Deep paperbacks are now available to purchase through independent bookstores, and IndieBound makes it easy to find yours! It’s a free database that helps you find an indie bookstore near you as well as local online bookshops.

But not only that, in a romance author’s dream come true, The Ripped Bodice and Meet Cute Romance Bookshop now list Called to the Deep on their online catalogues! These are two of the three only romance-focused independent brick-and-mortar bookstores in the U.S., so I’m over the moon to see my indie press title listed there.


The Ripped Bodice

Meet Cute

Supporting Two Businesses

If you have an indie bookstore near you, whether you want to order Called to the Deep or the other books on your spooky season to-read list, it’s a great way to support authors AND local businesses all in one purchase.

Amazon is a viable, accessible option for many, especially in communities where there aren’t independent bookstores nearby and even the closest Barnes & Noble is hours away. But if you have the choice, and are able, my book, amongst many others, is currently cheaper at an indie, especially now that Amazon has been marking up titles across the industry, and we’re not sure when that will end.

Signed Bookplates

I’ve got bookplates that I can sign and mail! Just email me with your preferred mailing address, if you’re interested. First come first serve.

Events & Signing Physical Copies

So far, I’ve done two low-key signing events for family, friends, and friends-of-friends, but I’d love to do one that’s open to the public! I’ve hit some roadblocks with bookstores, so I’m looking to get creative. If I can line something up, I’ll let you know! But I’m still trying!

Hometown Library Field Trip

I spy with my little eye a vicious mermaid romance!

Made an extra special trip to the library with my mom and this just might be the very first time a physical copy of Called to the Deep has ever been checked out, or at least, it’s the very first time in my hometown Pittsburgh. Mom had to call dibs, but if you’re in the area, it’s available to request. If you’re not, submit a purchase request at yours! Let’s spread the love of flesh-craving mermaids.

The ebook is available on OverDrive.

HUGE thank you to the librarians at Castle Shannon Library who helped make this dream come true.

Already Read?

I can hardly believe Called to the Deep has been out in the world for almost a month! If you’ve already read it, please leave a review. Goodreads, The StoryGraph, and Book Bub are crucial go-tos, but Amazon’s important, too, regardless of where you buy the book. Leaving a review there really, really helps with improving visibility for small press and indie authors.

Song of Lorelei

Cover reveal coming November 2022.

Book release January 2023.