Cover Reveal for Called to the Deep

We have a cover, Siren Lovers!

And ever since I saw the first mock-up, I’ve been Brendan-Fraser-on-too-much-coffee levels of hyper. The lighting, the atmosphere, the composition, are spot on, and the renderings of Lorelei and Killian have blown me away. 

Behold this dangerous beauty that has me in its thrall.

In a previous post I teased hopes for a clinch cover with Lorelei as the Big Spoon…guess what we’ve started working on for Book 2 ;] 

CALLED TO THE DEEP releases from City Owl Press September 20, 2022.


My local indie bookstore!

You will be able to preorder signed paperback copies from Park Books & LitCoLab. in Severna Park, MD online and in-store SOON. 

Why not now? We’re waiting until the final stages of book production are complete, usually within the month before release. But don’t worry. I’ll let you know as soon as the preorder is live. 

Unsigned paperback copies will be available wide.

What about ebooks?

Same deal. Ebook preorders go live sometime within the month before the 09.20.22 release date. TBA.

What about hardbacks or audiobooks?

Don’t have a deal for those yet, but if that changes, I’ll let you know!


Yes, more!

The sequel to CALLED TO THE DEEP, a continuation of Lorelei and Killian’s story, is set for an early 2023 release, which means you won’t have long to wait to find out what happens next. And as long as edits go well, it will be VERY EARLY 2023.

Title announcement coming soon!



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