Give the Gift of the Ghoul this Holiday Season

GIVEN TO THE GHOUL is now live on Amazon

It’s a quick monster read (only 74 pages) to cozy up with when post-holiday feasting lethargy sets in, and you need to meet your 2021 reading goals [ghoals?].

You can buy it on Kindle for yourself or a friend for $2.99, or you download it for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I see royalties for both, if you’re worried about that, but through Kindle Unlimited it’s based on pages turned. 

It should be easier to download, too, than the StoryOrigin links sent last month. And I’m happy to share that the ebook formatting has leveled up and now benefits from all of Kindle’s built-in reading features ;]

Whether you Give the Gift of the Ghoul to yourself or to others this holiday season, or share and boost, this newbie indie author is incredibly grateful to you for your help spreading ghoulishly good cheer.

Already read & reviewed on Goodreads and The StoryGraph? Consider copy and pasting your review to Amazon. Each review helps tremendously, and they don’t even need to be long. A sentence or two does the trick.

Happy Holidays Monster Lovers,



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