Do you like fantasy romance? The enemies-to-lovers trope? Yearning? Does a villain love interest intrigue you? And a redemption arc that doesn’t end in death? 

My second book WILLOW AND THE WELLSPRING offers that and more, and it is now on submission!

If you are not familiar with the phrase, that just means my agent is submitting it to publishers. So we’ll see who bites! Many bites would be lovely, but all it takes is one offer. This story is very near and dear to my heart, so I’ll just be happy to get it out there in the world and to you, my lovely future readers.

Fun fact: this will be my first time on submission. My first romance novel CALLED TO THE DEEP got a publisher like during a Twitter pitch contest, which eventually led to a two-book offer. So it completely skipped that “on submission” step.

Whether you’re new here, or have been with me since the beginning, you can read more about WILLOW AND THE WELLSPRING on its designated webpage, which has been updated to include a full-length book blurb!



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