GIVEN TO THE GHOUL Releases Friday, Oct. 8th!

Hey Monster Lovers!

I did it. I finalized GIVEN TO THE GHOUL! Assuming I didn’t mess up the book files (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) or distribution logistics, this story will be in your hands Friday, October 8! Just make sure you sign up for my email list to receive the direct download links that morning *claws, tails, and tentacles-crossed technology doesn’t foil me.* The test run went well though, so it should be fine.

I’ve included Content Warnings for anyone who wants them here.

*GIVEN TO THE GHOUL is a short monster romance featuring shapeshifting desert ghouls. And it is an email subscriber exclusive, so make sure you sign up here or anywhere you see a sign-up form on my site, if you’d like to read it!