Mermaid-y Character Art of Lorelei Roth

To celebrate signing with a literary agent, I commissioned character art of CALLED TO THE DEEP’s main character Lorelei Roth. If you ask me, the artist Georgina Donnelly captured her in siren/mermaid form beautifully! Bonus: there’s a little hint o’ Maine with those pine trees in the background 😉


A little fun fact about the art: I used my rejection jar money to pay for it – it was something I kept to reward myself for perseverance while querying literary agents. I’d put $5 into a jar for every rejection I got…and well, it added up. But something beautiful has come out of it, and having those lows has made signing with an agent, and seeing Lorelei come to life in art, a sweeter victory.

I have it on good authority that a scary version of siren/mermaid Lorelei is on its way. I don’t know when it will be done, but I live with the artist…and I asked him to make her SCARY. Like really scary. She descends from a line of people-eating mermaids…so there WILL BE teeth and claws.



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