Guest Perspectives Series: Forging the Best Possible Working Relationships with Editors, Beta Readers & Writers

A.H. Lewis,  Alexandra S., and myself have all worked in the capacity as writers, editors and beta readers, for friends, for strangers and brushing acquaintances, and while doing so have encountered challenges tied to differing expectations about what each role does and standards for professionalism, common courtesy, and appropriate compensation.

This series is meant to provide tips for writers, editors and beta readers alike, so you not only know what to do and what not to do, but also how to recognize the warning signs of a working relationship that is bound to deteriorate. The goal is to find the right, qualified people to forge strong, productive working relationships with.

The articles in the series are as follows. Enjoy!

A.H. Lewis: What Qualities to Look For Good Editors, Beta Readers & Writers


Author bio

A.H. Lewis is a writer and poet living in Pittsburgh, PA. After earning a B.A. in English from Allegheny College, she went on to pursue her passion for literature by creating her freelance editing business, Happily Edit After, and publishing her first book, The Smallness of Everything Else, just shy of her 27th birthday, the first, undoubtedly, of many. She is a fan of all things related to summer and nighttime, especially during the clearest of starry skies, and more often than not she is wearing all black, from her combat boots to her favorite lipstick.

For updates on A.H. Lewis and her writing or editing services, visit for more information.

Alexandra S.: Editors & Beta Readers Beware, Difficult Writer Red Flags, Dealing With Harassment

PoliticalMamaduck/Mod Alexandra

(On AO3, Tumblr, Dreamwidth and 8tracks as politicalmamaduck; Twitter: @mamaducktweets)

I am an attorney in Washington, DC. I run the sideblog @reyloinspo on behalf of the Anthology, as well as @incorrectreyloquotes and @padmedefencesquad! I also write in other fandoms and love to read.

Desiree Niccoli (myself): Constructively Working With Writers When Final Draft is in Bad Shape


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