Book Update

So no new blog post this week, but book update: I submitted two more queries this week for my paranormal romance novel (mermaids). May submit a few more tomorrow. 📖

If you are wondering why so few, the answer is I just cranked out a complete first draft for a new fantasy romance novella (not mermaids). It’s a lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers-again villain romance with a redemption arc. I came up with the concept for it two and a half weeks ago, which is nuts as far as turnaround time goes. I’ve never done this before. And I can’t believe I did it. 🤯

My best guess is it was a winning combination of inspiration and perspiration (think work ethic/perseverance). It was this burning idea in my head that I needed to get down. So while I’m querying, I will also be polishing this second book. Which means even if my first goes nowhere traditionally, it’s not over yet.

P.S. I need a nap.