First Word War Attempt

So below is my silly attempt at doing a word war. My prompt was self-created, which I probably shouldn’t have done. I think it would have been more in the spirit of the challenge to have found one online, but this was my first time, and I was daunted by the whole thing, so baby steps.  But at the end of 15 minutes my word count was 651!

I’ll say that’s a win. And whoever reads it also wins…???

Desiree’s First Word War:

My first word war is a bit of a cop out since what I want to write about is bascially an explanation of what a word war is. you write as many words as you can in a small increment of time like ten or fifteen minutes. and the pressure is bannanas! i already stopped and started like four times. the trick i hear is to never use backspace which i’ve lreayd messed ab up a lot but now Im doing better and it shows. anyways, it started with nanowrimo and its edesigned to help writers g be more productive with their writing sessions . its easy to just stop and stare at your screeen when you don’t know what to say right awy. i am on the verge of rambling now. i don’t even know what i just wrote and what you know. damn. nanowrimo. small increments. write as much as you can.

oh right! So it’s insane the amount of words some folks reach. there are these 1k/30 minutes challenges. 3K/hour challenges. bless your hearts. I wouldn’t be able to do that. I think I’d die of a panic-driven heart attack.

It’s also tempting to constantly look at your timer to see how much time you have to crank out what your writing but I’m going to guess that you should just forget about it until the alarm tells you to stop. But maybe an occassional look is okay to see if you should pick up the pace.

8 minutes fifty seconds! I got all the time in the world. Not even half way done. The problem is I don’t know much about word wars. Maybe i should have picked a better writing prompt…

Oh! I do know this. Usually you don’t do this by yourself. It’s a word war so usually there’s other participants involved. And you basically type as fast as you can during the alloted time to see how who writes the most words. The one with the most words typed wins.

Which I hope for fairness sake they swap writing samples t just so the other person knows the other wasn’t cheatin and just writing “I will not tell lies” over and over again HP w/ Umbridge on his back style. That didn’t make any sense.

Anyways, I’m sure it’s just an integrity thing and mostly for fun and the benefit of the writer, so if they cheat it’s only hurting them.

But are these challenges, at least some of them, for cash prizes ever or just bragging rights? I don’t actually no.

Four minutes and thirty seconds left!

I thought this would be like taking a timed test, where you cram as much information into the little blue packet as you can, racing to get your answer in before the teacher or professor shouts the dreaded “DROP PENCILS” *CRINGE* But I picked a prompt that I know little about so I feel like I sufficiently answered the question already.

I’m the first person to finish this test and there’s so much time left I actually am getting paranoid that I did it wrogn and failed.

Who am I kidding. I was never that person in class. I was alsway s the last one and I was speed wriign like crazy to get the test done in the minute we had left and i was writing so much so fast my hand got all cramped up, my fin forefinger and thumb had pencil indent makrs marks and I don’t know where i was going with that.

ahhhh less than a minute left! I guess I should have thought bout how to wrap this post up. I guess iwith this was a fun experience. Maybe a I’ll do it again next time with a fe fiction prompt that I find on line and I’ll use the back space far less often.


I could edit this to show you what it would look like after, but nahhh. I like it just the way it is. LOL.

My intention is to keep posting these for fun and for practice. And if I’m disciplined enough, I’ll push myself a little more on the prompts each time, or I’ll do them for topics I planned to write about anyways.

My long-term goal is to be quicker at writing these blog posts. I currently spend way too much time on each one to be able to sustain posting long-term. Full disclosure: one of the other reasons I dropped the ball with Brain Ink before was limited mental capacity and burnout. I don’t want to make that mistake again.